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Power Playthrough

Power Playthrough Is a Power Rangers/ Super Sentai Retrospective Hosted by Freddy Gabaldon and Dann McNerney, these two have been lifelong Power Rangers fans and Decicded it was time that they needed to spend the next 30 years talking about their favorite Show. So join them on this journey that will never end.

Episode 26 - Arby's is Talking Directly to me


The Penultimate Zyuranger Episode is upon us! Which means this is the cooldown, Still some Cool stuff in these episodes, Namely the Armed Red Ranger makes an appearance and You know we always love that!

Episodes Covered

Zyuranger Episode 44 - Japan’s Best Swordswoman

Zyuranger Episode 45 - The Foolish Boy

Zyuranger Episode 46 - Presenting The Vicious Squadron!

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