Your Gonna Feel It

Power Playthrough

Power Playthrough Is a Power Rangers/ Super Sentai Retrospective Hosted by Freddy Gabaldon and Dann McNerney, these two have been lifelong Power Rangers fans and Decicded it was time that they needed to spend the next 30 years talking about their favorite Show. So join them on this journey that will never end.

Episode 22 - The Top Celing


Some Fun in this one, Mei vs Lammy in a dressup battle, the truly tragic tale of Fang from MMPR and The beginning of the end of the Dragon Ranger Burai.

Episodes Covered

Zyuranger Episode 38 - Princess Mei’s Seven Metamorphoses!!

Zyuranger Episode 39 - Tears of A Subterranean Beast

Zyuranger Episode 40 - Burai’s Deathly Departure

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